Most Businesses Fail Because they don’t have the Right Structure: Learn From A Proven Business Coach, Cory Jean

Having the right mindset is the ultimate key to success. Most businesses fail if they have the wrong foundation or if the business owner does not have the right mindset. This is why business mentoring is absolutely necessary if you want to have sustained growth and maximum profit with your business.

Take it from Cory Jean who has run a commercial asset management business for two decades and now is helping to coach business. For Cory, mindset is everything when it comes to starting a business. He argues that without 100% desire, nothing will happen–there will be no results. This is why he has been helping business owners succeed by helping to create the right mindset.

Throughout his career, he has had to help businesses overcome multiple challenges such as their struggling to create an adequate business plan that includes smart marketing, sales, operations and delivery. He says that most of the lack of growth in these areas are do to simple fear and uncertainty of the right solutions.

“Fear of failure will guarantee that you fail. You have to be fearless if you want to succeed. Learn as you go and don’t wait to get started” Cory says.

In addition, Cory has very practical advice for those looking to start their own business: First learn how to do marketing and sales, then get a good Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and then get a great business coach. This is advice he himself followed with other ventures, such as his asset management business and it turned everything around.

Cory first joined the commercial asset management business right after graduating college with a degree in finance and business studies. He worked hard and rose to the top of some of the biggest firms in the United States.

“After running many of these companies for myself and others producing hundreds of millions of dollars for clients, I realized that my true passion was directly helping smaller companies develop and expand their marketing, sales and operations departments to not only generate more top line revenue but also increase net profits exponentially. Once you have everything working together for your sales funnel it becomes unstoppable!” Cory adds.

It is precisely the years of struggle that grounded Cory when he built his own very successful company, which was recognized by many as the top commercial asset management company in the world for more than a decade. Nowadays, he can easily distinguish himself from his competition.

“I hold myself accountable to always provide more value than expected. Trust is hard to get and easy to lose. So be honest with everyone above all else.” Cory shares.

From the very beginning, the main motivation for Cory was his desire to help other businesses solve their issues and help them succeed. And success for Cory means being able to make enough money to support and help his family, and building and managing a company that helps others. According to him, the goal is to be able to afford your freedom while helping others on a massive scale.

“Financial freedom is being able to live my dream lifestyle and still being able to help others.” Cory says.

In the near future, Cory will continue to share his mission with the world. In a way he is already doing this through his YouTube channel, and through the many tips he has shared on his website. To learn more about him, go here.

The Key Strategy that is Guaranteed to boost your Company’s Profits

Let’s get real… If you own a business growing it consistently and making a solid profit can be Hard, Expensive and Stressful. And for a lot of great people it’s a constant challenge. We spend so much time and energy running our day to day operations that sometimes the most important strategies can be easily missed. 

For over 20 years I’ve been a top growth and financial consultant for thousands of companies. While there are a lot of things that can hold your business back, the one mistake that stands out more than anything with most companies is the lack of modern marketing and new lead creation. Why?, creating the right Marketing system is a must to both retain existing and attracting new customers. The truth is most companies struggle with this very KEY strategy so don’t beat yourself up too bad if your company also could use some help on the best strategies to use.

Until your business starts to market properly continuing to spend money on old school advertising and waiting for the phone to ring will only make up for your attrition at best. The age old adage of “If a business is not growing it’s shrinking” is absolutely true. Marketing properly to generate consistent leads is the foundation that everything else must be built upon if you hope to not only get but keep your customers. With my proven marketing systems you can not only get all the new customers you want but keep them and have them buying more! Those are the two biggest goals of every business and you must acquire the right strategies and skills to do so effectively.


Unless your business is growing new sales at a predictable level you are have no chance to compete against your competition let alone maximize your profits.  You cannot continue to do the same year over year sales number and think that you are on solid ground.  In fact that is the sure fire way to eventually bankrupt your business and yourself.  Every CEO and CFO of a large company knows that sales and profit growth is everything.  Countless meetings and resources are spent on a quarterly basis for the sole purpose of posting stronger sales and profit numbers than the quarter before.  No other endeavor is treated with higher regard in a large company than growth. The cornerstone for being able to grow a business is based upon how you attract new sales from new and existing customers while getting paid on the sales already completed.  The secret is really not a secret for the larger companies it’s the mid-sized and smaller companies that struggle with the necessity of understanding that you must have a strong sales funnel to grow sales.

By creating the right sales funnel you can increase your close ratios on new leads dramatically as well as increase the average sales ticket. Understanding and using my “value ad” sales system is a true game changer. Instead of giving the profit killing “discount” do my “value add” system in it’s place and watch your profits soar! 

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