Unless your business is growing new sales at a predictable level you are have no chance to compete against your competition let alone maximize your profits.  You cannot continue to do the same year over year sales number and think that you are on solid ground.  In fact that is the sure fire way to eventually bankrupt your business and yourself.  Every CEO and CFO of a large company knows that sales and profit growth is everything.  Countless meetings and resources are spent on a quarterly basis for the sole purpose of posting stronger sales and profit numbers than the quarter before.  No other endeavor is treated with higher regard in a large company than growth. The cornerstone for being able to grow a business is based upon how you attract new sales from new and existing customers while getting paid on the sales already completed.  The secret is really not a secret for the larger companies it’s the mid-sized and smaller companies that struggle with the necessity of understanding that you must have a strong sales funnel to grow sales.

By creating the right sales funnel you can increase your close ratios on new leads dramatically as well as increase the average sales ticket. Understanding and using my “value ad” sales system is a true game changer. Instead of giving the profit killing “discount” do my “value add” system in it’s place and watch your profits soar! 

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